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The city of Richelieu is one of the Cardinal de Richelieu (Prime Minister of King Louis XIII). It takes the form of a huge quadrangle of about 700 m by 500 m, surrounded by walls and flanked by moats. It is accessed through three monumental gates. At each end of the town there is a large square plaza. On the north square were the Academy and the monasteries, on the south square the church, the halls and the courthouse, the current town hall.


AT THE HEART OF THE LOIRE VALLEY, THE CITY OF CHINON IS A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE In these lands where the vineyard is king, we feel a conviviality, a desire to share, whether on the terraces of restaurants, in tourist cellars, or in the markets with an abundance of local products: the wines of Chinon, of course , but also Touraine cheese, fouées, truffles and saffron from Richelais, or fish rillettes from the Loire.


Poitiers, city of art and history, is 2000 years of history. You can discover the many buildings and squares that mark the development of the city as you walk through the historic center. With more than 80 buildings: collegiate, abbey, palace, baptistery... the Romanesque treasures of Poitiers, not to mention the fantastic Futuroscope for a day of family entertainment.


Tours is a city with an exceptional historical past, it has been the capital of France several times. Beautiful, dynamic and lively, the city of Tours is a nice stopover on the way to the castles of the Loire